Monday, February 24, 2014

Rosy Finch - Montgomery Distillery

Whenever people come to visit me they inevitably always ask, “Where should I go?”  And every time I tell them to go to Montgomery Distillery.  I adore our local distillery for a number of reasons, not the least of which are their extremely delicious cocktails.  The passion that Jenny & Ryan Montgomery put into their business is contagious.  They make all the ingredients for their tasting room cocktails on-site, and even sell a few in the form of shrubs and bitters.  I would recommend visiting the tasting room and sticking around for a tour after the upstairs closes, it will give you a whole new insight into what it takes to produce the high quality vodka and gin that the distillery currently offers.  

Their drink menu rotates seasonally, and one of my favorites come from the summer selection - the Rosy Finch.  Made with Montgomery’s Quicksilver vodka and freshly made watermelon juice, this drink is whimsical and refreshing.  It gets delivered in a Mason jar with a biodegradable, brightly colored straw, giving it’s playfulness bonus points for also being eco-friendly.